Two Nickels

I’ve been thinking about finances a lot lately. Who hasn’t? In my efforts to make my dollars stretch as far as possible I started thinking about that old phrase about change, about being too poor to have two nickels to rub together. Started wondering about why one would want to squish one’s coins together. What possible benefit would that bring? What is the meaning?

This past week was a financially worrisome one. Moving small amounts of money between my accounts in order to pay bills and buy gas for the cars was an exercise in diminished returns. With pay-day a week away and without an active editing project on the plate, thoughts of pulling and stretching my money to make it fit took up more space in my mind than ever before.

Two lonely nickels rolled in. What would be the result of rubbing them together? Would a genie appear? Unlikely. Perhaps it had something to do with the authenticity of the coin, something like biting a gold coin. Perhaps the coinage could be used to spark a bit of tinder…tender, another word for money…that could fill the empty coffer.

Maybe it’s as simple as a description of the void left in one’s change purse or pocket when there’s simply not enough income to match the outflow. And outflow these days for most of us has greatly accelerated.


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